To the November 2023 class

Ok, this is the worst part of the course, the part where I have to say goodbye to such a great group of students.  You have to admit, we had fun in addition to learning probably the driest information on the face of the earth.  There is no reason … that you guys can't...

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Class of September 2022

Do you believe this is it?  Yep, it's over now except the BIG test, but I'm sure you're all going to do fine.  I am really going to miss you guys and I'm not saying that just to suck up because I have nothing to gain, but I haven't had a class ….. like this in a long...

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Congratulations!  September 2022

Congratulations! September 2022

Well now, that was fun!  Sort of like the El Toro roller coaster at Great Adventure.  We had our ups and downs, and even derailed every now and then, but you all finished the ride relatively unscathed. I'm always amazed how a group of people with such diverse...

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February 2018 Day Class

Wow!  What a fun class!   I'm always amazed at the transformation of my students from day 1 to day 15.  I have the pleasure of watching you morph from shy, quiet, studious adults into personable, awesome students.  Ain't a doubt in my mind that you guys...

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October 2017 Night Class Graduates

No doubt in my mind that you all can go out there and kill that test the first time... fear is going to be your worst enemy.  Remember, it's only a test.  No one but you will know the outcome.  RFQ/RFA (remember "read the flippin' question" etc.), don't over study,...

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