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Free Refresher Classes

We never charge our graduates to sit in on refresher courses if they feel that they need a little brushing up on certain topics or if they missed any classes. We know how stressful taking the NJ real estate exam can be, so we’re happy to help in any way we can!

Last Minute NJ Real Estate Exam Studying

Feeling like you aren’t quite ready for the NJ Real Estate Exam? Cram for the exam with our experienced instructors, who will go over exactly what you need to know for a last minute study session before the big test day! This unique service is available for all real estate students, whether you are enrolled in the Academy for Real Estate or not. Advanced registration is required. Simply call Linda at 609-290-1426.

Private Tutoring for Real Estate Certification in NJ

Take advantage of our one on one private tutoring for NJ real estate certification for students who need customized lessons. Whether you’re prepping for the state exam or just need continuing education courses, we offer private tutoring for all areas of real estate!

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